How to Find Your “Perfect Fit” Franchise with Franchise Coach Faizun Kamal

Our first interview with franchise coach Faizun Kamal in “Is a Franchise Right for You? What Can You Learn From Franchising? With Faizun Kamal” (Episode 014) discussed how to determine if franchise entrepreneurship is good for you or others you are meeting with. In this interview, we discuss Faizun’s six-step process she describes in her book, The Right Franchise for You, for choosing the best franchise when you’re looking to start your own small business.

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In this Cast | How to Find Your “Perfect Fit” Franchise with Franchise Coach Faizun Kamal

Ray Sidney-Smith, Host

Faizun Kamal, Franchise Consultant
CEO of The Franchise Pros

Faizun Kamal is a franchise coach, nationally renowned public speaker and career strategist. As CEO of The Franchise Pros in partnership with The Franchise Consulting Company, Faizun coaches people nationwide on making the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

She provides guidance to embrace chaos, fear, insecurity and uncertainty as doorways of opportunity to help individuals find their “perfect fit” business based on an assessment of their personal, lifestyle and income goals. She guides clients to move beyond career burnout to build a sustainable career that they love!

Faizun’s drive to make a difference stems from her own personal experience as a corporate refugee. In 2015, after almost a decade in the corporate world, she was laid off. Instead of immediately jumping back into another job, Faizun began a deeply introspective journey to intentionally redesign her career, and her life. Through the world of franchising, she discovered a way to live a life of purpose, passion and profit!

Her experiences as a former Fortune 15 Executive with 18+ years of experience in corporate, multinational, nonprofit & entrepreneurial settings on three continents have made her an inspirational speaker to audiences worldwide. Faizun’s relatablity and authenticity has led her to grow an engaged following of thousands on social media.

The Tory Burch Foundation named Faizun as “A Woman to Watch”. She has been featured extensively on ForbesThe Huffington Post and The Washington Business Journal, among many others. Faizun received her BA in Women’s Studies and Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Johns Hopkins University. She is also a graduate of Stanford University’s acclaimed Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Show Notes

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For listeners of this show, listen to the episode and reach out to Faizun via email for the really generous offer she’s made during the interview!

The Right Franchise for You: Escape the 9 to 5, Generate Wealth, & Live Life on Your Terms by Faizun Kamal

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How to Find Your “Perfect Fit” Franchise with Franchise Coach Faizun Kamal
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